Speakeasy began in 1993 as a highly unusual broadcast production company. Based in rural Perthshire, our founders re-wrote the rulebook, creating a close-knit team bound by family values and a spirit of creative independence as fresh and invigorating as our highland surroundings. At the heart of it all, strong relationships built on mutual trust, respect and – dare we say it – affection.

Word spread.

Some of the UK’s top communication professionals beat a path to Speakeasy’s door, finding that we could offer them world-class films and events – but delivered in a very different way. Because first and foremost we produced relationships. The better we knew them, the better we could produce communications that resonated with their people and brought about the outcomes they needed. And there was one other thing…

They liked us.

Soon the Speakeasy way was the preferred way for BAE Systems, BP, Bank of New York and NCR, not to mention the UK and Scottish Governments, NHS and Royal Mail Group. Out-growing our Perthshire HQ we opened offices in central London and Edinburgh, taking our place in the top 10 UK corporate production companies.

Larger, but the same.

With a 30-strong in-house team, and a nationwide pool of the most accomplished associates, Speakeasy has the scale and credentials to satisfy even the most stringent procurement process. But we’ve also kept hold of that culture that put us on the map in the first place. The unswerving desire to get to know you, to work with you not only as trusted partners, but as friends.

Welcome to the Speakeasy way.